I have always adored artifice. I believe everyone should indulge their creative side and express who they are by what they project to the world.....a good place to start is with MAKEUP.


Playing with light and shadow you can sculpt and give life to a variety of feelings.

In commercial work, my focus is to manipulate product to serve the subject. Bring about the light within. vibrancy, smooth textures, create lift, a central focus.

Working with my clients, my primary goal is to see their vision come to life.

What I have always loved about makeup and hairstyling is you see right away what is working and what needs to shift.


I delight in every facet of this industry. I feel fortunate to lend my skill set to many mediums. I look forward to collaborating with you.



makeup artist

Licensed Esthetician. Licensed Tattoo Artist. Certified Instructor of Permanent Makeup & Advanced Education of Esthetics & Media Makeup. Instructor of Esthetics in MN. Former Cosmetologist. Skilled in Hairdressing, Airbrush Makeup Artist, Stylist.